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Clear Business Cards with Basic Invite

Recently, I've found myself talking about my blog more and more to people. However, when they ask for info on where they can find me, I'm always hunting around for a scrap piece of paper or napkin to write my blog's name and address on. I thought about getting some business cards, but just never got around to it. So when Basic Invite reached out about teaming up with them to feature their new clear business cards, I was definitely super interested!

To be honest, I hadn't heard of Basic Invite before. But after just a few minutes of checking out their website and social media accounts, I was way impressed! They seriously have the cutest designs and their clear business cards are such an impressive and innovative way to introduce yourself!

I actually did not end up going with the clear ones only because I do not yet have a set logo (in the works!), so I opted to go with a picture on mine instead. I definitely went back and forth on this one, though, and will likely do the clear ones with my logo once I decide on one. (You might notice the address shown on the cards in the picture below is different from the one you're currently at. I've been working on my new site for over a year - totally in over my head with this one - but it's coming and I wanted to have my cards ready for when it's up and running!)

I really cannot even tell you how easy creating my business cards online was! Basic Invite allows you almost unlimited color options with instant previews. Once you select a design you can change the color of each element on the card to over 180 different color options so you can make sure the card is exactly how you want it down to the littlest detail. They also have foil cards, available in gold, silver, and rose gold, and you can choose flat or raised foil on all of Basic Invite’s foil designs.

In addition to business cards, they offer invites, birth announcements, stationery, and other printed pieces as well! You can even order a printed sample of your actual invitation so you can see exactly how it will print as well as the paper quality before you place your final order. Basic Invite also offers over 40 different colors when it comes to their envelopes so you can make your invitation stand out before it's even opened.

The best part? Right now Basic Invite is offering 15% off with coupon code: 15FF51. Aaand, I know it seems a little early to be talking about Christmas greeting cards, but they have some of the cutest designs and let's be honest, once Halloween hits, it's all a blur and it's best to be prepared! Amirite? ;)

This post is sponsored by Basic Invite, but all opinions are 100% mine. Thank you for supporting the brands I love!

Baby #3 | 16 Weeks

How far along? 16 weeks
Maternity clothes: Still mostly regular clothes, but maternity jeans and tanks have become a regular thing.
Stretch marks? So far, so good!
Sleep: My sleep this past week was been dependent on a certain little boy waking up on and off, but it's been better these past few nights.
Best moment this week: Spending the day with Jose after he was gone for most of the week! 
Miss anything? Still energy. And Jimmy Johns. 
Movement: Definitely a few flutters here and there.
Food cravings? Nothing in particular really, just everything.
Anything make you queasy or sick? Not really anymore! 
Gender prediction: Still pretty neutral.
Labor signs: None yet
Symptoms: Low energy, tired as a mother
Belly button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On
Mood most of the time: Tiiiiired!
Looking forward to: Finding out the gender in October!
Total weight gain: 11 lbs.

Baby #3 | 14 Weeks

How far along? 14 weeks
Maternity clothes: Regular clothes for the most part, but maternity jeans and tanks for extra comfort.
Stretch marks? Nope! Palmer's cocoa butter lotion and oil are still my BFFs.
Sleep: Thankfully, sleep has been better.
Best moment this week: Coming out alive, haha! Work has been pretty busy, prepping for the first home game, and then Jose has been working a lot, so I feel like I’ve been constantly going, with no break until the kids are in bed. But Holden has been sleeping better (he went through a spurt where he was waking up in the middle of the night), so that means I’ve been getting better sleep too, making things more manageable.
Miss anything? Energy, always the energy.
Movement: Maybe a few flutters, but also could’ve just been stomach growling because I’m literally ALWAYS hungry!!
Food cravings? Nothing in particular, just give me it all!
Anything make you queasy or sick? It varies. The queasiness is definitely starting to die down, but it shows up every now and then. Headaches are the biggest pain now. 
Gender prediction: No strong feelings either way, but thinking boy
Labor signs: Not yet
Symptoms: Nausea, headaches, low energy
Belly button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On
Mood most of the time: Tired. Maaaybe a little cranky.
Looking forward to: Maybe a little soon, but Christkindlmarket! We accidentally found it a few years back, but weren’t able to spend much time there, so we have a trip planned this year - just Jose & I - and I can’t wait! When the kids are older, I’d love to make it a tradition. Oh. And Disney. Definitely looking forward to Disney more and more every day. 
Total weight gain: Scale is still out of batteries, lol. I’m gonna guess I’m still up about 5 lbs. Goal for this week: Replace scale batteries.

Baby #3 | 13 Weeks

How far along? 13 weeks
Maternity clothes: Still rockin the maternity jeans on occasion, mostly for extra comfort, but so far I'm still able to wear regular clothes too.
Stretch marks? Nope! Palmer's cocoa butter lotion and oil are still my BFFs.
Sleep: Sleep has been better!
Best moment this week: For the most part, I've been feeling better. Energy is super low and I think I traded in the nausea for headaches, which is unfortunate. Mornings are probably the hardest part of the day. I've never been a morning person anyway, but add the not feeling 100% and getting out of bed is sooooo hard!
Miss anything? Energy to do basically anything. When I was pregnant with Holden, Aurora was old enough that I could sleep whenever I needed to (which was all the time). With Holden, I usually don't get those naps, so I just feel like I'm always draggin. 
Movement: None yet
Food cravings? Still all over the place, but nothing in particular really.
Anything make you queasy or sick? It just depends. I could crave something one day and want to vomit just thinking about it the next. 
Gender prediction: I'm really starting to lean towards boy, I think.
Labor signs: Not yet
Symptoms: Nausea, headaches, low energy
Belly button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On
Mood most of the time: Tired. 
Looking forward to: Popping this kid out! I mean, not the actual labor process, but being done with it, lol. I feel like people think that's so bad to say, but these last two pregnancies have seriously gotten the best of me. I just don't like not feeling like myself. And, obviously, I can't wait for the baby to get here, but that's always a given.
Total weight gain: Tbh, our scale is currently out of batteries and every time I realize it, I'm upstairs (where the scale is) and the batteries are downstairs, so you know how that goes. But, I honestly feel like I've gained at least 5 lbs since last week.
Picture because I had to bribe her to use her white wall (which now involves moving a bunch of stuff) by promising to take a picture of her hugging her squishies. 😂

Okay, that's all for now my friends! Xo

Baby #3 | 12 Weeks

12 Weeks Pregnant

How far along? 12 weeks
Maternity clothes: I actually went to put on a pair of high-rise jeans the other day and they were so uncomfortable that I was really excited to put a pair of maternity jeans on! So I guess that's a yes!
Stretch marks? Nope! I swear by Palmer's cocoa butter lotion and oil. I used both when I was pregnant with Aurora and both when I was pregnant with Holden and have no stretch marks so far! I love the lotion so much that I even use it sometimes when I'm not pregnant!
Sleep: Meh. I've been going to bed earlier than usual. I usually watch one TV show after putting Holden to bed (or a movie with Jose if he's home), but I still end up waking up in the middle of the night, usually for a couple hours. 
Best moment this week: This weekend! It was a pretty lazy weekend, which we haven't had for awhile.
Miss anything? Jimmy Johns and sushi. And gourmet hot dogs. And I swear, I only crave these things when I can't have them! Also, energy!! Why is my energy always the first to go!?!?
Movement: None yet
Food cravings? Everything and nothing. Again. I was bound and determined to make this pregnancy a healthy one, until I opened a container of chicken for my usual salad one day and almost threw up. I'm usually able to eat a pretty healthy breakfast, but lunch and dinner, not so much. Popeye's and Cup Noodles have been my go-to's this week.
Anything make you queasy or sick? It's on and off, really. Getting out of bed is hard, because I always feel like I'm going to throw up, but then usually feel fine once I'm actually up. I do pretty well throughout the day though. Still wearing my Sea Band, so I feel like that's helped too!
Gender prediction: So when I first found out I was pregnant and we'd just sold 8 years worth of Aurora's stuff in a garage sale, I was convinced God was playing a trick on me and it would be a girl. However, based on how I've felt, and it being more like how I felt with Holden, I say boy. Either way, there really are perks to both and we're just praying it's a healthy one!
Labor signs: Not yet
Symptoms: Some nausea, tender boobs, belly starting to pooch out a little more than usual... and hungry all the time, but nothing seems to satisfy it.
Belly button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On
Mood most of the time: Pretty good so far!
Looking forward to: Meeting the final addition to our family of five! 
Total weight gain: ~1 lb.

Super fun weekend!

So it's been awhile since I've done a "weekend wrap-up" type of post, but this past weekend was just way too fun not to share! An unforgettable concert, amazing wedding reception, and both done with some of the best people in the world - not sure there's more I could ask for! So, here we go...

My weekend started with my good friend from Chicago (What up, Stephanie!?) picking me up Friday morning, so we could drive down to Indy for a Hanson concert! So, if you know me at all, you know Hanson is my favorite band of all time. If you knew me in the 90's, you have the right to call me obsessed. Because I totally was! And, after Friday night's concert, I'd have to say I'm a born-again Hanson freak! It's not really that I ever stopped liking them, but life gets a hold of you and, well, you do silly things like get rid of all that your life was for your teenage years. 😭 I can't say this is for sure yet, but my mom and I have turned both our houses upside down searching for all my old Hanson memorabilia and have turned up next to nothing. This seriously makes me so sad! Neither of us ever remembers actually getting rid of any of it, it's just nowhere to be found. The only thing I can think of is that at some point in my grown up years, I must have thought this phase was behind me.

Honestly, when I heard they were playing at the Indy State Fair, I thought it would be so neat to see them again in concert. Even better that my family would already be down there that same weekend for my cousin's wedding reception, so it was totally happening. But you guys. When they came out onto the stage, all my 12 year-old feels came back! Like, almost to the point of tears for the simple fact that these were my people - all I talked about for my early teenage years. It was kind of weird actually. Only this time, I wasn't hoping one of them would happen to glance my way, fall madly in love, call me up on stage and ask me to marry them. (I was totally going to be Mrs. Zac Hanson!) This time, it was like seeing old friends who are all grown up and married and have families of their own except that they never knew I existed, so our friendship is a little one-sided. No biggie, haha! But seriously, the next couple of hours were just so. much. fun. - singing along to songs I hadn't heard in almost 20 years, but somehow still knew every word to - and then being shamefully quiet when they performed a song that came out when I'd fallen off the Hanson grid. At one point, Isaac gave a shout out to all the fans, "including the ones who sort of took a crap on us through the years and are back" and I almost felt obligated to own that one. And, honestly, even though Stephanie and I didn't know each other in our original Hanson days, it was so much fun to enjoy it with someone who got me on those feels. There were families that you could tell the mom was a total mmmbopper and there were supportive husbands with their kids. Just a fun freaking time!

Before I get on to the pictures, I just have to say this... if you were a Hanson fan in the 90's, you probably got a lot of shit for it. Well, the funny thing is that, while all the other 90's boy bands are getting back together, playing reunion shows and all that, my band never ever broke up. I'm sure them being brothers has a lot to do with that, but they've been writing new music all along and even, which I just learned on Friday, started their own record label along the way. They never got caught up in drugs or drama or got lost in the fame. They are the same people they were back then and I just love that so much. So, yeah, I'm a Hanson freak.
 Sharing these two pix (above) that are basically the same, but one is Stephanie's fav and one is mine and I'm a good friend like that, lol.

Stephanie living her best life, doing something she probably never thought would be possible: Hanson + beer in the same place!

Saturday morning, after re-living all our favorite moments from the night before, Stephanie and I had breakfast at Cracker Barrel and then she had to head back to Chicago for Whitney Houston and goat yoga. Miss you already, girl! 

I met up with Jose, the kids, and my mother and sister-in-law, and then we headed to our hotel. Jose and I stayed to get ready, while the others went out to explore a local mall. My parents got into town shortly after that and we met up with them so the four of us could go to my cousin's wedding reception together. Love my mother and sister-in-law forever for coming along to watch the kids, so we could all go together!

The reception venue was beyond beautiful. (If you're ever in Indy, check out Tinker House!) It was an old building that had just been restored within the past two years - brick with some industrial and rustic touches - and a beautiful terrace out back! So many IG photo opportunities! (Don't worry, I took full advantage!) The food was so good and my cousin was so stinkin' happy! I got to meet his partner for the first time and he was seriously so sweet! It was just a beautiful evening and there was so much love in the room!

I'm going to sound so cheesy, but I just have to share this little story because Jose is seriously the best. Towards the middle of the reception, my contacts were both cloudy. Not sure if it was because I was wearing more makeup than usual or what, but one was cloudy for awhile and only got worse, and then the other was cloudy too. I really didn't want to leave, because we were having such a good time, but I was also getting really annoyed and could literally hardly see at all. Jose asked the waiter if he knew of anyone that might have saline drops. The waiter asked a few of the other staff members and no one did. You guys. Jose gave me his freaking contacts. We have a really close prescription, and I'm sure there are, like, a 1,000 health code violations with this, but he went almost blind for the rest of the night just so I could see. Here's the cheesy part, but it seriously made me melt. I told Jose I felt so bad because he couldn't see and he goes... "The only thing I need to see is you." Umm. Excuse me while I melt. It could've also been because I was the DD and would definitely need to see driving home, but nonetheless, it was super sweet.

My, "Is it bread or is it a baby?" look

My lovely parents

Welcome to the family, Garry!

 Seriously, the food was SO good!

My cousin - love him SO much!!

 This pic is a bit dark, but there were SO many great IG-worthy photo ops that I couldn't pass any of them up!

On Sunday, Jose and I, the kids, my mother and sister-in-law, and my parents went to explore downtown Indy before heading back home. I just love this little family of mine so much! We have such a great time together and I'm so blessed to have them all in my life!

I honestly just wish I could re-live this entire weekend over again!

Life Lately + Some Fairly Big News

You may already know from Facebook what the "big news" part of this post is all about. Jose and I found out a few weeks ago that Baby #3 will be joining us in February! When I found out I was pregnant with Holden, he was our first baby after a miscarriage earlier that year, so we waited 12 weeks before telling anyone outside of our parents and immediate family members. That was kind of our intention this time, too, but I had an early ultrasound last week to find out how far along I was and seeing the little creature on the screen and hearing that it's heart rate was good was pretty exciting and it was getting harder and harder to hold it in. Especially when we saw so many people over the holiday weekend. Then the kids were all dressed up in their Fourth of July outfits and it seemed like that perfect way to tell everyone.

Given that we sold or gave away all of our baby items just a month ago in our garage sale, I think it's pretty obvious that Baby #3 was quite a surprise. But, now that we've gotten over the initial shock, we're pretty stoked! I've definitely always wanted lots of kids but, with everything that went on with Holden, we decided we should be done. Obvs, God had other plans and we are totally okay with that! 

I've actually planned to do a little life update post for a few months now, because I've had a few people asking about my work situation, so I thought I'd update everyone on a few things in general. (So that you can all see how unexciting and uneventful my life really is, lol.) So, as I mentioned sometime around last fall, I was able to go part-time at work, which was pretty exciting. It was also hard, because I really liked the position I was in and the people I worked with. But, upon returning from my maternity leave, it was pretty obvious that working full-time with two kids and Jose's crazy work schedule was just not working out for us. So I was fortunate enough to be able to step into a part-time position within the same division and going part-time seemed to be exactly the change I needed and everything was great. So, upon learning about this position, I knew that it would be a temporary position, meaning that the position would end in a certain amount of hours. I was okay with that, because it would at least give me a chance to see how part-time would workout for us. While I was in this temporary position, there was mention of a need for a regular(permanent) part-time position, so my next step was to aim for that. However, there was a little misunderstanding on when exactly the hours would expire for my temporary position, and it actually ended before the regular part-time position was technically a thing. So I was a stay-at-home-mom for about a month and a half. My mom would still come over a couple days a week, so I could play around with this blogging thing, basically keeping me sane. Because you know what I learned in that one-and-a-half-months? Being a SAHM is freaking hard!!! PLEASE don't get me wrong on this one. I love my babies more than aaanything. But man oh man, was it exhausting! Especially since we were really trying to watch our finances at the time and I couldn't just take them to the zoo every day to entertain them, lol. So anyway, I was fortunate enough to be able to return to work in mid-April with the same lovely people I was working with before, and am now working three days a week. 

Since then, we've had Holden's surgery (which I already posted about), our first garage sale (Yes, I want to cry about this now), Holden's birthday party (details here), some fun weekends with family and friends for the Fourth of July, and work has been pretty busy in between. 

We have Holden's first swallow study since his palate repair, this Thursday. Hoping to God it shows he's not aspirating or penetrating and can finally drink unthickened liquids. He's already starting to move from pureed baby foods to real people foods (bananas, eggs, ravioli, mac and cheese!), he's been drinking his full Pediasure feed through a straw (thickened with pudding powder), and the only thing he's getting through his tube at this point is water to stay hydrated. We had a little scare last Friday, because he pulled his g-tube out (the part that's attached to him!) but, after a few frantic hours and help from the best family in the world, his tube was back in and he was good to go! Super thankful for my amazing mother-in-law and husband for this and for avoiding an emergency trip to Riley!

So life has been crazy, as it always is, but also still the same ol' stuff, basically. 

That's all for now, friends! Btw, how convenient is it that Holden's Riley appointments this week are scheduled on the same day that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale starts!?? Coincidence? No way! You know where I'll be! Also, I'm planning on doing another giveaway this week as well. Trust me, you will not want to miss this one!